Re: plastic binders for Tek instruction manuals

Larry McDavid

These are widely referred to as "GBC" binder combs. The machines to punch the 19 holes and to install the binder combs are often seen on eBay. There are both manual and electric powered machines available; obviously, the manual machines are much less expensive.

Stationery stores such as Office Depot and Staples sell both the machines and the binder combs.

It is possible to install the combs without a machine, but it can be exasperating...

It is wise to buy a larger diameter comb than originally used as the pages will turn more easily and lay flat more readily--and be easier to install without a machine.

Kinko's--now FedExpress Office--can punch the holes and install the combs.


On 2/12/2013 8:18 AM, Dave Daniel wrote:
Yes, I just copied an old Heathkit HW-20 manual by removing the comb and
copying the manual and the fold-outs page-by-page. Re-assembling the
manual took a long time because the pages were somewhat brittle and i
didn't want to rip the comb holes open. It helps tremendously to line up
the comb holes as perfectly as possible with some sort of took and then
clamp the pages together with spring paper clamps. I probably wouldn't
have had the patience to do that twenty years ago.

Any idea what the perf/assembly machines go for on the used market?


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