Re: Bonehead move of the day

Dave Daniel

Well, I replaced some broken binding posts on a DM502 yesterday. I took the entire front panel apart so I could glue the plastic bedding part together, since it was cracked (you know, "as long as you're in there"). I re-assembled everything, including new binding posts, and was about to re-solder the binding post connections and probe power connector when I noticed I had the extraction tab in wrong.

A couple of hours later, after my disgust had evaporated, I disassembled everything again, reset the extractor assembly, and re-assembled the front panel.


On 2/12/2013 9:08 AM, Mark Wendt wrote:
Troubleshooting a bouncing trace on an SC502. Narrowed it down to the
transistor string on the F&I board. Figured one was getting hot, since
the trace didn't start bouncing until after a sufficient warm-up
period. Looking at the transistors, I grab the can of freeze spray.
Start shooting the spray on the transistors while watching the trace.
Look a the transistors and don't see a shield of frost building up like
normal, even though I've sprayed them for 3 - 5 seconds. Trace still

Turns out, DeOxit is not a suitable sub for freeze spray...



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