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Dieter Teuchert

a year ago i won a 9314 LeCroy Scope at It had some knobs missing and a burnt resistor in the power supply and came DOA for US $ 400 plus shipping. It has 300 MHz bandwidth on four channels and 10K points per channel.

A very nice machine with lots of features, like complete statistical data collection and analysis. My scope saves screens as TIFF files on a PCMCIA SRAM card. Have rarely used any other scope ever since.

If you can afford a 9314A or 9314C, even better. Its processors are faster. Sometimes you will also see models like 9314AM and 9314AL, which have longer trace memories. Sometimes these scopes come with even more software option packs supporting advanced signal analysis like FFT ... LeCroy calls those packages WP01 and WP02.

Dieter Teuchert

Bob Japundza wrote:

Hi All,

I'm a lurker on this list having owned a Tek 468 for a while now. I've been needing some more advanced DSO features and am looking at some of the TDS-series scopes, keeping an eye on ebay for a good one. I'm looking to spend $500-$600. Are there any scopes in the TDS series that I should avoid?


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