Re: Resurrected 11402 and plug-in compatibility

Denis Cobley <denis.cobley@...>

The 7K units are vertical plug in 's only - no sampling, timebase or specan,
curve tracer plugs.
This is because the 11K slots are all vertical only - the timebase is
digital and will not accept any plug that produces a ramp for sweeping.
Also, you need to cut the rear plastic of the 7K unit (look at them side by
side to see the difference.
Then, when you have it in the scope you will need to select it manually as
the scope cannot "see" it.
I would just buy some more plugs on ebay.
Denis Cobley

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Subject: [TekScopes] Resurrected 11402 and plug-in compatibility

After grabing a 11401 off EBay and finding that it has 1 defective
aquisition module (U552), I saw a 11402 on EBay for a song that only
had a (e2211) Hard Keys panel error (replicated this code on the
11401) so I grabbed it off EBay and canabalized the 11401's front key
panel (which is also the touch screen matrix) for the 11402 and I now
have a fully functional 11402 w/1 - fully functional 11A71.

Now to the point of the post. It says in the diagnostics that it will
use 11k/7k plugs. My question is does anyone have a list of the
supported 7k series plugs for this unit. Also one other one that came
to mind, If it supports the 7k plugs will a 7L12, 7L13 or 7L14
Spectrum analyzer plug work in the empty space provided by the center
and right slots?.


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