Resurrected 11402 and plug-in compatibility

madmanoneresurrected <madmanoneresurrected@...>

After grabing a 11401 off EBay and finding that it has 1 defective
aquisition module (U552), I saw a 11402 on EBay for a song that only
had a (e2211) Hard Keys panel error (replicated this code on the
11401) so I grabbed it off EBay and canabalized the 11401's front key
panel (which is also the touch screen matrix) for the 11402 and I now
have a fully functional 11402 w/1 - fully functional 11A71.

Now to the point of the post. It says in the diagnostics that it will
use 11k/7k plugs. My question is does anyone have a list of the
supported 7k series plugs for this unit. Also one other one that came
to mind, If it supports the 7k plugs will a 7L12, 7L13 or 7L14
Spectrum analyzer plug work in the empty space provided by the center
and right slots?.


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