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DON CRAMER <donlcramer@...>

I believe the 442 was a repackaged T932A using mechanical bits from the 434.

I don't know who (i.e. customer or marketing) drove it, but clearly it was attempt to provide a more conventional looking scope to the lower end of the Tek range. A slight downside is the 442 has the longer depth of the T900 series compared to the 465, et al (remember the T900 is narrow in width, so it grew in depth as compared to other 400 series portable scopes). There is probably a fair amount of open space inside the 442 as a result.

I remember the 442 being made alongside T900, but almost as a special in lower volumes. 'Special' in that my recollection was only one calibrator was assigned to it, though this may have been because it was just out of engineering at the time. The timeframe was somewhere mid 1977 to mid 1978. I note the T900 was introduced in the 1976 catalog, almost as an afterthought, so the line was quite new. I don't see the 442 listed in the 1978 catalog--my next one up is an '84--maybe someone could look in between to find when it first showed up. I'd be curious how it priced out versus the T932A and 455 for instance.

Overall, I personally like the appearance of the 442 very much--it reminds me of the later 2200 series but with more metal. I had forgotten all about it until one showed up on ebay recently, jogging my memory and my curiosity. As usual, I wish I had paid more attention to what was around me when I was there in Building 47 (alas, it is a green field now). I do still remember how wonderful it was to see all that brand new Tek hardware around--oops, there I go again.

I would guess the reliability of the 442 to be very good. The modular design scopes (my term) were a bit "plastic-y" in the controls, but otherwise built to Tek's high standards of the time. I would add the 442 to my collection if I came across a clean one.

Don C
Beaverton, OR

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BTW, I performed various google searches to look for any info
reg. the 442 and didn't find much. Is the 442 a very uncommon
scope? Rare? 'Bad' or inferior in some way so it wasn't very
successful on the market?


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