Re: Some Tek stuff available- save it from the flea market! 7704, 7CT1N, etc


In the (unlikely) chance that Jerry and Raymond end up falling through on the purchase, I'm also interested in the 7CT1N since I don't have a curve tracer yet...

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It sounds as though Jerry doesn't need it long-term. Perhaps you can arrange to buy it from him when his need passes.

Perhaps I should have allowed for bidding. If you work it out with Jerry I'll sell it to you- but I don't want to start a fight.


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Pity, still a bit disappointed. I wouldn't have minded a bidding "fight", in which I would have outbid Jerry's current bid.

Anyway, win some, lose some.


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Hey jerry, was that $150? If so, consider it sold. Contact me via gmail- jamietyson@

Sorry Raymond, he beat you by seconds! I'll let you know if something changes.


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I offer !50 plus shipping for the 7ct1n

Jerry Massengale

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I have an assortment of Tek 7k stuff that will be going to a flea market if no one here is interested. I hope I'm not breaking protocol by letting you know- if I am, I apologize and can do whatever is needed to comply.

I'm hoping these items can help someone rather than going for pennies locally. I've verified that the 7704 works. I plugged in the 7CT1N and I get a bunch of dots top to bottom with a 3906 transistor connected but no horizontal sweep, even with the cable plugged into the timebase. I don't really know how to operate it but from that little info I believe if it doesn't work it is close to being functional. I haven't really played with the other plugins but my experiences with other items from the same source (and former owner) tell me that they should be fine after some cleaning of switches and contacts.

Tektronix 7704A Oscilloscope Mainframe (works, verified)
Tektronix 7A18 Dual Trace Amp (works, verified)
Tektronix 7A22 Differential Amp
Tektronix 7B71 Delaying Time Base
Tektronix 7B70 Time Base (works, verified)
Tektronix 7CT1N Curve Tracer (works to some extent)
Tektronix 7A11 Amplifier
Tektronix 7A19 Amplifier
Tektronix 067-0616-00 Calibration Fixture-extender

If you're local you can pick up. If not I'll arrange shipping and payment off-list. Please make what you believe to be reasonable offers- I will do my best to not question them! If you need more info on a given item please contact me off-list.

Jamie (in Eastern PA, near Warminster, PA)

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