Re: Some Tek stuff available- save it from the flea market! 7704, 7CT1N, etc


On Thu, 31 Jan 2013 01:00:54 -0000, "Jamie" <>

That would be cool- we'll see if Jerry buys it or not. I should have posted "will trade for 5CT1N or 5L4N!" I have a bunch of 5k stuff- as an audio guy my 5k is fast enough for my uses (with a 454a when needed) and I have a 5D10 for anything I need to capture and really look at. Those two 5k plugs are not yet part of my collection!

I'm not in this to make a ton of money- I believe $150 is a fair price for a working 7CT1N as it's cheaper than any I've seen on ebay and I'm making money for a good cause. Maybe I should have put that in the sale thread- oops. These sales benefit the local ham club. I'm not a ham but a good friend is.

Hopefully Jerry will put it to good use!


--- In, "raymonddompfrank" wrote:

Thanks, Jamie. Possibly, you could have sold the first ever 7CT1 to the Netherlands... ;)
I picked up a non-working but repairable 7CT1N for about that although
it came with a 7000 series mainframe as packing material which added
significantly to the shipping charges. UPS managed to drop the
mainframe on its front but the 7CT1N survived.

I had to clean and lubricate all of the pushbutton switches which were
sticking or frozen in place and replace the burnt out scale
illumination lamps. While being functional, the retractable cable is
annoyingly stiff and I am still planning on changing the connector. I
am tempted to try modifying it to use the mainframe auxiliary Y axis
input which is present on all of the plug-in slots.

I saw a 7CT1N go for $130 last year on Ebay.

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