Re: Has anyone heard of a Tek 153 Power Module. It looks exactly like a TM503 but it isn't!

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Just a little friendly advice - you might want to take a look at what
signals have been patched around the backplane of your rack. The
standard TM50x mainframe uses pins 1-13 of the connector for power
connections. The other pins (14-28) are normally not connected to
anything on the backplane. Many/most TM500 plugins have signals
patched to these pins. It is possible the special connections made on
your mainframe could short out or cross-connect some signals between
plugins causing damage or erratic operation. You might consider
removing some or all of these connections.

There is a real good reference on this subject, the "TM500 Rear
Interface Data Book". A free copy of the PDF can be downloaded at under "Free downloads".

Good luck...

be careful what you plug in to your mainframe
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Hi Everybody,

I just discovered that the TM503 Power Module Mainframe I thought
owned is
not a TM503 at all. So what is it?

Does anyone have any ideas what a 153 might have been used for?

Thanks, Dennis
The 153 seems to be a modified TM503 to be used with the Tek 31
calculator. It needed a special interface plug in the right
compartment. I assume it could be used as a standard TM503. Below
some text form the manaul:

System Description
The 153 is part of a Tektronix 31/53 Calculator-based
system See Fig. 2-1. The focal point of the system is the Tektronix
31 Programmable Calculator. The calculator operates like a computer
by fetching program instructions from memory and then executing
instructions. Just by selecting a desired operation and starting
execution of the program instructions, the system becomes a slave
the user's needs. He may obtain data from the test and measurement
part of the system.

Then he may manipulate that data by selecting another operation
provided on the calculator keyboard.
The 31/53 System must have a mediator between the measurement plug-
ins and the calculator. That device is located in the right-side of
the Power Module and is called the Interface Plug-In. The Interface
Plug-In performs its function by converting the data signals from
measurement plug-ins into a data format that is compatible with the
calculator. The Interface Plug-In also interprets calculator

Operating Instructions 153 Interface
Any combination from the following list will fit in a Power Module.
However, only two slots are available in each mainframe Up to ten
mainframes may be connected to the same calculator
a DM 501 Digital Multimeter
b DC 501 Digitl Counter
c DC 502 Digital Counter
d DC 503 Digital Counter
Other compatible measurement plug-ins will become available at a
later time

Interface Plug-In Description
This plug-in instrument interfaces the Tektronix 31 calculators
compatible plug-in units having serial-character, parallel-bit data
outputs. Two front-panel connections also permit calculator control
of external Circuitry. This allows, for example, multiple analog
inputs to the interfaced plug-ins
The Interface Plug-In connects to the calculator through a fifty-
edge connector and interconnecting cable Connections to the plug-
are made via the rear interface connectors in the Power Module.
For example, data may be acquired from a DM 501 and a DC 503 or
two of each. An additional edge connector provided on the front
panel. This allows interconnection of up to ten 153 Calculator
Instrumentation Interface Systems and a maximum of twenty
plug-in units for additional data acquisition capability.

These instruments require Option 4 before they are compatible with
the 31/53 System. A field modification kit is available Tektronix
Part Number 040-0713-00).

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