Has anyone heard of a Tek 153 Power Module. It looks exactly like a TM503 but it isn't!

Dennis Tillman <Dennis@...>

Hi Everybody,

I just discovered that the TM503 Power Module Mainframe I thought I owned is
not a TM503 at all. So what is it?

It looks exactly like a TM503 inside and out but the Tektronix label on the
back says it is a "153 Power Module".

On the rear panel it has a D shaped connector with 5 rows of pins (for a
total of 104 pins). There is a sort of dongle plugged into this connector.
The dongle says "Type 1 Programmer Connector PN 013-0153-00" on it. I opened
the dongle up most of the pins are wired to other pins in no obvious

There are also 3 BNC connectors on the back panel. They are labeled "A",
"B", and "C" which doesn't shed any light on their purpose at all.

Does anyone have any ideas what a 153 might have been used for?

Thanks, Dennis

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