Re: My 7912ad had been dropped before I got it

scoper796 <scoper796@...>

Hi Windsor,

Yes, I know the feeling. I wonder what the people at UPS think is in
these boxes, that they just seem to do their best to destroy the
contents. It makes me wonder when I see the wonderful advertisng how
much pride the employees actually have.

It also impresses me that most sellers on ebay don't know what an
oscilloscope is, yet they describe it as in "good condition"
or "powers up ok."

But, on the other hand, Tek scopes are tough. It amazes me that a
549 the has been in storage since the early 80's which has hundreds
of components and has endured god knows what abuse works as soon as
I turn it on. So don't despair over your purchase. Sometimes you
have to buy two scopes before you get enough pieces to put one
working unit together. There are lots of people on here that will
help with advice and can supply some parts.

Keep the faith.

Larry Christopher

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Hi All,

I've accepted delivery of an ebay special early this week and it
has signs of being dropped in shipping in addition to being
before shipping. It was not a pretty sight. Bent metal ,bolts
sheared off and card rails deformed.

Poking around it reminds me of James Bond in the Fort Knox
where he is confornted by mass of wires and ciruits.
A obigatory tie in to the discussions of nuclear bombs and

Looking around, the power supplies measure OK.

Anyhow is it possible to run the 7912ad without the
My supposition is to connect the x and y ramps of the read section
a scope set on XY display and the target preamp to the Z axis.

Perhaps it possible to hotwire something to check out that the core
analog circuits and most importantly that the CRT are working?

TIA for any ideas or word of encouragement


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