most fixed 434.

Chas Douvier <charles@...>

Well thanks for the tips on the capacitors, the cap that was
replaced to keep the thing staying out of pulse mode was a filter
cap on the 250V line, I am going to just replace all the filter caps
on the secondary power supply... and when I make my next Allied
order all the polyster high voltage caps as well.

I do have one last annoyance, I need to calibrate the scope, but
first I need to make a homemade high voltage probe, this is a how-to
on the web, if anyone wants a link, ask.. or google it.

I am getting some sort of weird background flooding. If I push in
the INTEGRATE button it suppose to be used for highspeed capturing
or something, it shuts down the flood guns. I am not sure what flood
guns are, but I am guessing they are for background lighting on the
CRT? I don't know if calibrating the scope will fix this problem, I
won't get it it until this weekend. Anyone ever had this problem?

.. and AFTER and BEFORE photo in one:

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