Re: 475 Triggering Issue -- Will recent 468 Triggering Issue Thread Help Me?

Bert Haskins

On 01/25/2013 03:46 PM, stan_katz wrote:

I have an ancient 475 scope which works fine with an external trigger, but will not trigger on any of the internal sources. Should I start by reviewing the recent 468 triggering issue thread to get me going? If not, can anyone recommend a thread I should start with? Of course, I'd be delighted to receive help on this thread.


Probably not.
Going from what I had on 465Bs the triggering problem is often that
the tunnel diodes have changed in value.
There are many! threads about this in the archives.
It may be worth your time to try swapping the TDs from the B sweep section
with the A section to see if things change.
I had this problem come up when I was hunting for a process control network
problem while working in factory in a different country.
I swapped the TDs and the scope has been near perfect ever since.
Go figure.

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