Re: P6015 Fluorocarbon Bottles

Robert Simpson

My P6015 came with an empty bottle. Please contact me at my email about what it would take to get it refilled. location 95630


--- In, Sergey Kubushyn wrote:

Does anybody have empty fluorocarbon bottles that came with P6015 High
Voltage probes that are no longer needed? I would pay for postage, may
be some small additional price for those...

I've got a full 30 lb jug of Freon 114 so I could refill those thus making
those probes usable up to their full rated voltage again. The only problem
is how to deliver small quantities of that stuff to those who need it.

Freon 114 is not extremely low boiling--it boils at 38.8 degrees
Farenheit--and vapor pressure is not all that high to require a thick walled
cylinder but anyways it is not a very good idea to ship it in regular glass
bottles with plastic caps :) Aluminum bottles might work (something like
these ones
but it is not a very good way to store such a liquid.

Such bottles might be OK if stored in a freezer and used to fill the probe
when they are still cold, right off the freezer, but original bottle is much
more convenient and doesn't require refrigeration...

So if somebody have a spare empty bottles he's willing to part with I'd
happily take those.

I can also refill empty bottles for those who need it for a price to recoup
my expenses on purchasing a whole 30 lb jug. I don't need the entire jug--I
only have one P6015 myself and something like 8 oz would last forever--but
that was the only way to get that fluid for a reasonable price. 100g from
Sigma Aldrich for $100+ in a fancy bottle is way too much... And that would
probably have something like $50 for shipping, hazmat, etc. on top of that

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