Re: FS/For Trash? Type 502 Dual Beam Oscilloscope


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It is hard to guess what will happen on eBay. Here is my guess at
what it is worth: If it looks dead with no trace when you plug it in and
turn it on: $10.00. If it has a trace and appears to work: $25.00. A
little more if it has a manual and/or probes or a scope cart. I already
have two of them plus two 502A models but I would still find a place for it
here to save it from the landfill if it was close to here and I could get
just for picking it up.

My experience is about the same. I have 5 or 6 502s and would really like to
have one operating on each bench that I use for audio work, but they really
need thorough servicing and recapping. I burned out two transformers before
I learned not to turn them on. I have paid $0.00 to $25.00 for them.

I would pick up any similar vintage Tek equipment that are available for the
hauling within 50 miles of Rochester, NY or $5 to $15 for one that sits in
front of me at a Hamfest. At that rate I get about all I can handle.

Mike Csontos

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