Re: Removing the Sprague power supply electrolytic capacitors from a 475

Paul Amaranth

A good desoldering tool, solder sucker and braid are useful.

Don't overheat the board, the traces will pull off and you'll
have a bigger repair.

Sometimes they used the can as a jumper, so you will need to
connect the three common terminals with a wire. I made a
small adapter board that I can plug a snap cap into and it
has the same pinout as the old metal cans. Makes for a
nice repair.

On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 05:00:23PM -0000, ukchastuck wrote:
Anyone had experience of removing the big power supply caps from a 475? They are soldered in 4 places with big hefty solder joints - 3 negative and one positive terminal. I need to replace two of the caps which have gone faulty. It looks so difficult I was thinking of cutting off the cans and leaving the bases. I could then solder some new radials onto the existing base. Any ideas out there please?
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