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Miroslav Pokorni

I went and checked that auction #5714013511. Seller says for those BNC

a.. 50-Ohm
b.. Nickel Plated
c.. DuPont� Delrin Insulator
d.. These are high quality adapters; not cheap imports
The first thing is that insulator in a BNC is Teflon or a variation of it.
Never heard of Delrin used for that purpose; Delrin is fine material for
gears and mechanical pieces but not for connector.

The second thing is nickel plating, it is too shinny to be good. All
reputable connectors have that dull sheen, while shine is found on
connectors sold by Radio Shack and Pasternak Enterprises. The latter is a
supplier of RF components of shady reputation. I believe that this shinny
plating is actually electroless chrome plating, which is very thin and
normally not used on connectors, it is commonly used as a base for plating
on non-conductive materials or for cheap 'nickel plating' appearance.

The seller's e-bay name is 'testparts' and a number of other parts that he
offers on e bay seem to bear his part number, for example TP060 for RF to
BNC adapter.

By the way, if Roland is game to try, this seller offers a set of four
adapters, two of which are N-male to N-female, as an auction # 5713719399.
Those adapters look like straight out Pasternak's catalog, I am not
recommending unless they will be used in audio band.


Miroslav Pokorni

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I find to have a better selection and much better prices.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

ps: one good plug deserves another !!

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Let's just put it this way: any cable that can be terminated with
would give way long before connector becomes limiting item in
that assembly.
Incidentally, an eBay seller called testparts sells rf adaptors at pretty
decent prices. Just as an example, item 5714013511 is for five items, BNC
T, BNC-RCA, and three BNC-SMA at $19.95 on buy it now, or item 5714013497
four N-SMA adaptors for $15.

For some reason I have this guy's store in my favourites, so I must have
bought something from him at some stage.


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