Re: RF Connectors / Looking for N f-m adapter

Miroslav Pokorni

There are several right angle N adapters in catalogs, but did not find any
straight one. Fact that there are no N straight adapters listed, does not
say anything, straight SMA adapters do not appear in any catalog either, but
I own few of them, so someone must be making them.

Amphenol has two adapters listed in 1998 catalog, P/N 82-64 and 82-213;
watch out that you do not end up with 82-64-RFX, it looks like 82-213. I am
sure, you know that RFX series is Amphenol's low cost series, specified to 4

Kings has several part numbers for right angle: UG-27C/U, UG-27D/U and

I did not see any specs on reflection, Amphenol or Kings, possibly that can
be found on the company web site. Right angle would have more reflection
than straight one, but I have seen some pretty damn good reflection specs
for BNC and SMA right angle connectors and adapters, so it can be done.
Number that I remember for reflection of SMA was around 1.05.

Those adapters are much more critical for SMA series, because you have to
torque cable connector if avoiding reflection at connector is important and
that torqueing puts a strain on connector body so they brake after awhile. I
guess, that must be the reason why there are 'field replaceable SMA
connector bodies', which are just a connector body with flange and Teflon
insulation, while center receptacle is retained; those replacements are also
made for hermetically sealed connectors, so there must be a demand.


Miroslav Pokorni

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August 7th, 2004

Hello all,

very interesting posting from Brooke
especially on 'connector savers'.

This reminds me of my problem to
find a N-type male-female adapter
as a 'connector saver' for e.g.
expensive signal generators.

I know EMC-labs where equipment
with N-female outlets is used
so frequently with many daily
'screw-on/screw-off' cycles that
the equipment connector wears out
very quickly.

So far I could only find N male-male
or N female-female adapters so I first
have to screw N-f and N-m together to
get my connector saver.

Best regards

--- In, Brooke Clarke <brooke@p...> wrote:

Most of my career was spent in microwave engineering and 90+% of
with components using coax connectors.

The SMA connectors were designed to work with semirigid 0.141"
coax and used the coax center conductor for the male pin, so a
cable was
made up using a couple of male nuts whose shell was soldered onto
copper coax shield. The intent of this connector was that you
build up a system and then leave it alone. i.e. they are specified
a very small number of matings.

This was a problem later when we were making satellite hardware. I
often said that we supplied the hardware free, and only charged the
customer 1$ per page for the test data, which then was shipped in
cardboard boxes. The solution was to use "connector savers" which
is an
adapter SMA-m to SMA-f. A record was kept on each data sheet of
mating and after some number the connector saver was replaced. The
connector saver was rated for many more matings than was the base

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