Re: tool for Tek 475/465 attenuator assembly

Paul Amaranth

6.5 mm should do it.

On Wed, Jan 09, 2013 at 12:42:59PM -0800, Gala Dragos wrote:
??should be available in almost any hardware store
I live in Europe, only metric here,??unfortunately.

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Hello, Please see my message # 86484. There are two photos showing how I reassembled my unit. I used a Stanley 1/4 inch socket driver, should be available in almost any hardware store. I also used an Allen wrench to position the nut near the screw, then I turned the nut onto the screw with a cut down wooden stick. See photos 4 and 5. Hope that helps.
Jerry - WA0ACF

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Anybody knows were I can buy a tool that can ease the mounting/dismounting of the Tektronix 475/465 attenuator switch assembly/board?

Particularly the two nuts per channel that hold the bnc connector and switch holder plate stuck to the front panel.

I've used pliers before but is such a tedious and dangerous work (you can brake the phenolic pcb) that I want a dedicated tool for the job.


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