Re: Which would you pick? 454 or 475?



Take the covers off and then decide. You'll probably then choose the 454. I've got both, and prefer the 454 (build quality, fine trace etc). They are very relaible. You can source the nuvistors, and they rarely give trouble.

The 453's were equipped with FET's from s/n 20,000 on. I've never seen a 454 with FET's. The 454A seems to be less reliable, from my limited experience, and some aspects of the design have been changed "for-the-worse" (plastic shafts in variable v/div etc).


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Looking at getting either a 454 or a 475 and would appreciate any opinions as to reliability and ease of maintenance and repair for these two scopes.  The 454 is working fine and the 475 needs some (hopefully) minor repair.  I will be using them for hobby repair of older radio and test equipment.  Which would you prefer?  Thanks.

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