Re: FS/For Trash? Type 502 Dual Beam Oscilloscope

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hi Jeramy,

An old Tek scope like a 502 always has SOME value but whether it is worth
the cost the box and ship it is a good question. It is always a good idea
to offer these things to the list but it would be helpful to know WHERE it
is located to know if one could pick it up without boxing and shipping. As
to what it might be worth on eBay . . . good question. I have sold tons of
stuff on eBay and I have really been surprised at what some of it went for.
I have also put some stuff up for auction that never got a single bid . . .
sometimes I have relisted a "no bid" item and gotten good bids on the second
try. It is hard to guess what will happen on eBay. Here is my guess at
what it is worth: If it looks dead with no trace when you plug it in and
turn it on: $10.00. If it has a trace and appears to work: $25.00. A
little more if it has a manual and/or probes or a scope cart. I already
have two of them plus two 502A models but I would still find a place for it
here to save it from the landfill if it was close to here and I could get it
just for picking it up.


Jeramy Ashlock wrote:

Hello, I just rescued an old 502 Dual Beam Oscilloscope that
was about to be thrown out, tubes and all. It is in
slightly beat up shape. I am wondering if it would have any
value to anyone here, or should I just trash it?

What do you think I could I get for this thing on ebay?

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