Re: FS/For Trash? Type 502 Dual Beam Oscilloscope

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

At 2:30 PM -0700 2000/11/03, Jeramy Ashlock wrote:
Hello, I just rescued an old 502 Dual Beam Oscilloscope that
was about to be thrown out, tubes and all. It is in
slightly beat up shape. I am wondering if it would have any
value to anyone here, or should I just trash it?

What do you think I could I get for this thing on ebay?
Not sure what you could get on eBay, but don't trash it! I'll pay you a reasonable amount for stripped parts if you don't want to keep it together. Shipping intact might be prohibitive. Does it have PCB vertical amps, or little sub-chassis with ceramic strips?

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