How to remove 2465 vert preAmp hybrid? ..again!.


seems my previous post was involuntary invaded!!

Hi , I was removed the 4 nuts, but the heathsink remain fixed.
Is any other fixing elements or just sticked by thermal grease or else?.
Could I apply "necessary" force or not?.

I have an erratically up jump beam of 2 division on the position of channel 1.
But turn the vertPos pot end to end fix the problem until next time appear
again, my first suspicious is the pot itself, my second is the U100 hybrid
...what yours third one?.

My goal is try to swap the hybrid to see if the jump follow the swap or not (I
hope not) in order to discard hybrid failure , and find the failure in peace

Any clue or ideas about this behavior ?.

Regards and thanks in advance Gabriel.

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