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An analog TV will not work for that but another oscilloscope in X-Y
mode would. You can probe along the vertical and horizontal amplifier
chains (or at the CRT plates but I would try to probe earlier) after
the channel switches to generate a display good enough for diagnostic
purposes. I actually did something like this to my 7603 using a DSO
so I could record a curve tracer display.

If you do the above, either use differential probes or do NOT connect
the single ended probe ground lead to one side of the differential
signal. If using single ended probes, connect the ground lead to the
real signal ground and not to one side of the differential signal

I have really grown to like my 7603 and I think it will do everything
a 2215 will do even without any fancy plug-ins. Based on my
experience fixing a friend's 2215, I would prefer the older 7603.

On Tue, 4 Dec 2012 07:50:17 -0500, Chris G <>

this are the tek 7603

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 7:24 AM, tikitoteam <> wrote:


Hi guys,thanks for all the help....
I have a tektronix 2215 with broken crt,it powers up and seem to run i
wanna ask you if is any circuit in the forum or if it's possible connect it
to a analog tv and be able to run a test or see if the unit work and
produce a display.
The reason i wanna have for my use and i wanna know if deserve invest on a
crt for it...thanks in advance.....
I want to thanks all the guys that help on my tek 2465 it is almost
done,just waiting for parts i will post results when get done....Chris

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