Re: 2465 A5 board schematics half is missing in my manual!!


David here the data you request serial #B010176 A5 part#GC7719-01
Also is a DIP board no SMD, But please forget about schematics.
I was looking for a sample and hold which I supposed drive the pos vert voltage, but not, as you say, this signal is directly derived from the front panel wiper pot .
This mean ,my manual is right.

Thanks you very much for your kindly concern!!
I'm still in trouble with this sporadically 2 division up jump ..any clue or tip?.
Regards Gabriel.

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The Postion Controls are on the right hand side of schematic #3
@J651...They go from there and "loop" though Schematic #2 on lower left
hand side J651/P511 and go from there on to schematic #4 lower left, at
J511 where the actual circuity is.


On 12/4/2012 11:15 AM, iglesia_cristiana_arpas_eternas wrote:

Hi Dave!! my manual has two A5 schematics , must be tree?, since I
cant find the vert pos circuits in any of this two entitled :
(partial A5 control board.Processor and digital control.)

(partial A5 control board.Analog control.)
But is easy to find in my 2465B service manual, unfortunately is not
the same board.
Regards Gabriel.

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Artekmedia <manuals@> wrote:

What is the serial number of your scope and what is the part number on
your A5 Board? This information will help everyone get you the correct

Is your manual an original paper manual or a PDF?


On 12/4/2012 9:32 AM, iglesia_cristiana_arpas_eternas wrote:

My manual 070-3831-00 group38 not show all A5 schematics.
I have trouble with chann(1) position jumps.

I need the missing half schematic in order to follow the flaw...from
vert preAmp hybrid to sample&hold position voltage.

Also to remove this vert hybrid ? in order to swap with
chann(2)without broken anything...any tip about?.

I will be very gratefully if some one could help me.
Regards Gabriel.

Dave Henderson
PO Box 175
Welch,MN 55089
Dave Henderson
PO Box 175
Welch,MN 55089

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