Re: Off shoot of .... FS: pkg. of 25 Tektronix 4.64K, 1%, 1/4 W film resistors

Mark Wendt <mark.wendt@...>

On 12/03/2012 08:11 PM, Rob wrote:
I guess I will join on the post 1/2 way in the middle to point out that if
you leave a business name out of the Mouser addresses.
It opens an option to get flat shipping at $4.99 to your home.
Not that I am partial to any of the various electronics houses, nor to
impact the original offer because if I had a need I would exercise it in
lieu of any other things discussed
Mostly because I like the thought of us all helping each other out... .
Anyway, just thought I would point out the Mouser lower shipping thing if
some are not aware (I missed out for a while) and given some of the other
banter in the general post , etc..
I tried that flat shipping once. Once. It normally takes about 3 days for my orders to arrive from Mouser using the priority mail option for $6.99. The flat rate goes through some UPS/USPS gyrations and it took 10 days for my order to arrive. Save 2 bucks, add a week to the shipping time. It was handled by UPS from Mouser to a USPS mail distro center nearby in DC, where it sat for a week waiting for UPS to pick it up and deliver it. Then UPS proceeded to supposedly not be able to find my home address. Course, we've been getting UPS deliveries at this address for almost 20 years.

I'll stick with the priority mail service for the small orders, of which 99.9% of mine are.


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