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Hi Gang,

I was finally inspired to go check the 519 Mod Summary to see the highest
serial number they make reference to in that document. That number was
001630. The first 519 was 000101 so that means somewhere around 1550
instruments were built. I do not think any were built anywhere but
Beaverton. I can also confirm that a new front plate that goes in front of
the CRT screen was shipped with each replacement CRT. Each of these had the
measured risetime of the CRT and CRT serial number (I think) engraved (or at
least lettered in some way) on them. I can remember seeing these CRT's
being checked out in the Manufacturing Test Department specifically for
Customer Service stock to sell to customers as replacements. That CRT was
something like $1000 in 1961 which was considered a HUGE amount of money for
a CRT at the time.


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Morris Odell wrote:
I just looked at the photo again and it is probable that the serial # in
the photo is just the CRT and not the scope. The scope photo shows one
of those serial number "slugs" on the upper right of the front panel.
Morris, that certainly must be the case. There's no way Tek built
anywhere near that many of them, and they predated the 'production
series' style Bxx + xxxx numbers.

Even so, 36137 is (to me anyway) a surprisingly high CRT S/N. My #398
has CRT S/N 920. I can't recall but there may be a note on the unit to
the effect that the CRT was replaced. If so I have no way to ascertain
if the data mask was also changed then as it should have been. One
could hope, since the rated deflection and rise time factor into

Stan, if you copy, do you have any idea how many 519s there were?

(Uh oh; seems as though we're descending from trivia to minutiae again!)

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