Re: Type 519 Gigahertz scope; Smithsonian?

Ashton Brown <ashton@...>


Well, I think.. I have an idea of scoper's ID.. Or somebody else is practising advanced Fatherland Security pastimes :-�

Yup, in borrowed "mess dress" uniform + "In This Style 10/6";
'twas a gala with Nobelists galore. Small anecdote re Glenn Seaborg (discoverer of many trans-Uranics + much more, incl. Govt honcho status. Al Ghiorso remains the King of transuranics fabrication, however).

Feeling somewhat attuned to the idea of dismantling a [certain Other] warfare adventure du that jour.. I opined over the champagne ~
"Ja, Ich bin vom milit�rischen industriellen Komplex. Ve haf decided zat diese 'Heavy Ions' can make fine new weapons fir eine Blitzkrieg.."
Reply ~ "Yes, and you're only a little crazy" (with a bit of a twinkle).

{sigh} In that regard and the timing of this little snapshot's appearance here: deja vu all over again. Nostalgia AIN'T what it used to be :(


Let me put it this way, re a recent NPR commentator (author) about the fact that "'stupidity' can reside quite nicely within the demonstrably 'intelligent'":
when ya gotta yell at a er Nobelist about NOT putting hot targets in the (personnel) "beam shack" .. you know that the species is In Trouble.

Fred Olsen wrote:

scoper796 wrote:

Would you be this Ashton Brown?
No wonder the SI is (or isn't) interested!
Now THAT'S a picture! ;<) Nevertheless, he was surely in distinguished company at LBNL.

I've come to the conclusion that there's quite an interesting group on this list; myself excluded, of course.


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