2432 Codes

hex2pic <puddintain@...>

Hello Denis and Listers,
Many thanks!. OK, with that info you just posted, I swapped the CCD
modules and their respective modules that sit just ahead of them, as
a pair. Earlier I had swapped one module at a time, only. Bingo, the
problem remains exactly the same but swaps nicely over to channel 1
with the exact same error codes (after running self cal).. so it
seems the trouble does lie in the modules themselves and not the
circuit board. Hmmmm, I have a 2430 also, in non-complete condition
but it has these similar modules (albeit the utterly wrong part
numbers, etc) but I think maybe I'll pop those into this 2432
tomorrow and see what happens, just for the temptation of it!.. When
repairing this 2432 the first time I recall swapping a lot from the
2430 chassis for quick comparisons..no smoke then..(haha)
Thanks again for the information. You are certainly amazing!
Dave in Tucson

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