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Hi Dave
No hidden numbers, just (at the time) bleeding edge technology.
The CCD's were individually matched to each channel and it's surrounding
You needed to run special test software which tested all sorts of parameters
met specs.
There were only 2 adjustments for each CCD and the CCD performance window
was quite small to get them to pass all tests.
We normally had a dozen to swap and mix to find 2 that would be happy in
that particular board.
Each version of these scopes had different CCD's as well.
2430/2430A used 165-2074-00 to 05 (00 to 02 were used in 2430 pre an upgrade
which changed many parts to suit the improved CCD's (03-05).
The 2432 used 165-2206-00 and the 2432A/2440 used 165-2???-0? (this is from
memory and I can't recall that one)

Denis Cobley

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There's a very, VERY good posting about interpreting the FAIL codes
on the 2430, 2432 DSOs from a group member (dennis.cob....) wherein
he also cautions that the codes 7000,8000,9000 probably point to a
bad CCD with very grim hope of fixing it. Based on that posting, I am
thinking this is because the chips have some embedded ID number that
is also stored in ROM somewhere at the time of mfg?...that is my take
on it. If this is correct then you can't just swap that chip from one
channel to the other for diagnostics because the computer will reject
it immediately. If this ID is stored in ROM, couldn't the particular
ROM chip be externally copied and then rewritten with edited code
bearing the 'new' serial number from a replacement chip? Is there any
way to do this job properly or improperly (get scope working without
serious calibration, just get it working for general purpose)? I
suppose the other half of the problem would be finding out the ID
number of the replacement chip is too..

I've got a 2432 and channel #2 started failing on powerup test,
intermittently and then worse, and now after a couple weeks it seems
permanently out with the 7000,8000, and 9000 FAIL codes on channel
#2. It crept in rather than just popping up bad one day.. maybe it is
not the CCD? I'm hoping someone will have a comment or idea to kick
around on this topic.
Thanks for Reading!
Dave, in Tucson

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