Re: How to test a light bulb using your Tek7904

Paul Amaranth

FINALLY! I now have a clear purpose to demonstrate to my wife for each additional
scope that finds it's way to my bench.

BTW, has this been tested with a 7934? Is the storage option useful for capturing
transient test results?


On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 08:23:05AM +0100, Pa4tim wrote:
I could noy believe it, but that is because I'm not an EE, so I tried. The results using a 547 are best, a Tek 212 also works but with LBUTs above 0.01W only. Also tried a double blind test but strange enough this gave no results. I can not explain this. I shall have to do more tests.

If the 547 does not become visible, and you want to turn the switch off but hit the LBUT instead and you see a bright light ( sometimes at the end of a tunnel) but no scope, this is dubble proof the LBUT is defect AND having power on the LBHUT.


Op 21 nov. 2012 om 03:54 heeft Don Black <donald_black@...> het volgende geschreven:

Excellent test procedure. Unfortunately I don't have a 7904. Will it work with any other models?

Don Black.

On 21-Nov-12 4:58 AM, danishcah wrote:

1.Install LBUT in known good socket w/ switch on the test bench and connect to a suitable power source.
2. Extinguish all available room lighting.
3. By feel, actuate test socket power switch.
4. Observe the Tek7904. If it is visable,the LBUT is functional.If not,it is bad and must be discarded.
Pix of test results w/ a defective bulb are available upon request.
..Happy Thanksgiving to all .. Dana
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