Re: Tek 422 AC power cord pictures


Yes, John: sorry I didn't realise there were other PSU options.
It's the ac/dc with a connector like the one(s) identified by Dave Race:

I've now got the power supply section in bits, and discovered 20 rather sad looking 4AH NiCd's in the rear compartment. No wonder the 'scope feels heavy! And what a complex PSU: ac to raw DC, then HF switched back to ac with multiple secondaries providing 6 outputs.....

Several diodes and a few caps seem to be either o/c or s/c :>(


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Remember that there are two versions of the 422 power supply, AC only, and AC/DC. The AC unit uses a more or less standard 115v plug recessed in the chassis. The AC/DC unit has the smaller, non-standard connector.

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