Re: What 7000 scope(s) is the 152-0716-00 HV Module is used in?

Paul Amaranth

The 7904 also uses a 21KV supply with a X7 multiplier. That part is
152-0493-00, CMX114.

Maybe that might be made to work?


On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 07:36:33PM -0700, Dennis Tillman wrote:
My favorite Tek scope - 7854 - has developed High Voltage Board problems. It
is probably the HV Multiplier module which is a times 7 potted unit that
outputs 21KV. The part number is 152-0716-00. If I can find a parts mule
that uses this part (from another model scope) it would make obtaining one
easier to do.

Can anyone tell me if it is used in any other 7000 series scope?

The manufacturer's (High Voltage Devices, Inc.) part number is CMX387A. The
manufacturer says they are obsolete but for the small sum of $400 they can
build me a replacement because they still have the drawings. Since $400
would buy a couple of 7854s as spares I politely declined their offer.

Sphere had one but it is marked as sold. Any other suggestions for where I
might find one would be greatly appreciated.

If someone has a 7854 parts mule I would be interested in buying the entire
HV board for spare parts.

Thanks, Dennis
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