Re: Thinning out my scope collection ...thoughts

Paul Amaranth

For the analog choice, I'd also pick the 7904 (although if I had a P7001,
or any prospects of getting one, I'd pick the 7704a for the coolness factor)

On the dso side, it's kind of a tossup, the HP has a higher sample rate
and color, but the Tek has a smaller package. I'd probably be inclined
to keep the Tek since I tend to favor Tek scopes over HP. Actually,
I'd probably keep both, but I have a very hard time getting rid of

If that were my collection, I'd probably drop the 7903 and 7103. I'm
not sure I could part with more :-)


On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 08:05:51AM -0500, Artekmedia wrote:
In preparation for a downsizing move in the next year or so I will be
also downsizing my collection of scopes. In the end I plan on being
down to 2 scopes

Here is what I have:

HP 54111D

1) All of the above are working and in decent shape and I have a decent
collection of plug-ins
2) 99% of what I play with is Audio and RF from DC to 50MHz and fixing
up other pieces of test equipment

If you could only keep 2 scopes which 2 would you hold on to and why?
My thinking is the 2232 because it is truly light weight and portable
and the 7904

The HP 54111D goes because of the size and weight (although my tired
old eyes really love the 8" color display)
The 7103 goes because it is way overkill for what I need and it is also
big , heavy
The 7903 and 7704A go because they are largely redundant to the 7904 in
capability, size and weight

Thoughts, suggestions and comments?


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