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Tek never published the schematics for the comp boxes in the P613x series. These probes have mid time constant correction networks that are tuned to the specific scope series they were designed to work with – they are not interchangeable without some degradation in high speed pulse response.

The schematics were not published because they do not consider the SMT parts to be serviceable, and they did not want to make it easy for the low end probe manufacturers to design knock offs.

That said, I am surprised that components on the comp board would be damaged from exceeding the power/frequency derating curve. Before you spend a lot of time troubleshooting the board, I would try swapping the tip attenuator capsule with another known good P6139A. You may find the damage is in the capsule.

- Steve

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I burned out a P6139A probe yesterday, measuring a motorboating on a 300V
power supply (which I incorrectly assumed the probe would handle). I took
the probe apart and the fault appears to lie in the little PCB in the probe
housing, but I don't have a schematic, and some of the SMT components are
unmarked. Anybody have any suggestions for diagnosing the problem, or have a
circuit diagram? No diagram is included in the manual, and the parts listing
doesn't show any of the circuit board components. Thanks.

Jim W8ZR

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