Re: Tek vs Hickok and Fairchild - Boeing vs Tupalov

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I think that Tek made instruments like your CA for IBM under contract. If I recall correctly the 454 ( or one of the original 45X instruments) was designed in response to an IBM need. Some of these were marked IBM also. Anybody with more accurate info feel free to correct me.

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I've been meaning to post some pics comparing Tek and Hickok CA's...
Have had many distractions, lately, so you all beat me to it. Am still going to post pics of the CA with IBM logo - sorry for my tardiness.
To me, one significant thing about Hickok's version is the much better touch-and-feel of the knobs. I've always been bothered and puzzled by the very sharp edges on many Tek knobs, which can really chew up your fingers on pot cleaning day!!
I have a Fairchild solid state scope with cart, which is not a direct clone but bears striking resemblance to the 560 series - the plug-in holes are the EXACT same size, the interface connector is the same make but at different orientation with higher pin count.
To copy a Tek instrument certainly is an accomplishment - to copy (in secret and record time!!) a B-29 with its "corncob" turbo-compound engines and their Exhaust Energy Recovery Turbines (TOP SECRET at the time) is the sort of thing you can probably only get done by holding guns to-, and gulags over the engineer's heads!
Bernd Schroder

Ultimately, my hat is off to anyone who undertook series production of these copies. It makes for interesting study! I imagine that relatively small teams of people did it. Still, they had to provide all the necessary specs and procedures for manufacturing dauntingly complicated high quality products. And Tektronix sure ain't gonna help!


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