Re: 2465BDV slow reaction


Hi Sergey,

I haven't had this problem. I suggest that you follow the Preliminary Troubleshooting chart in the repair manual. Among other things, the chart has you check the clock speed of the microprocessor and the signals at selected other pins.

The microprocessor is supposed to scan the front panel switches every 32 ms while the front panel pots are supposed to be scanned every 16 ms.

Good luck,

Patrick Wong AK6C

--- In TekScopes@..., Sergey Kubushyn <ksi@...> wrote:

I have a 2465BDV (early series, serial B013522) that has a weird problem.
Everything works fine, display is crisp, readout/cursors/etc everything
works. The problem is it is very slow to response to controls. E.g. when
turning vertical position pot it doesn't react immediately so trace does not
move. Then, after a second (may be half-second but very noticeable and long
delay) it jumps to a new location...

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