Re: 1S1 repair news :-)

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

At 5:13 PM +0000 2000/11/02, wrote:
replacing the GaAs diodes with Schottkys sounds extremly
interesting. Could you write which type of Schottky diodes you
used? I think a lot of (potential) sampling plugin repairers
would appreciate this information, at least I would.

Thanks a lot,
Laurent Lamesch
Giving you part numbers would not be too useful, since the 1S1 still has the offset problems I mentioned. I got a couple of different types through Digikey. If you want to experiment, I expect it's best to look for low-capacitance parts, say, 1-2pF. I'll get back to the 1S1 when I have time. It *is* a weird circuit, and difficult to troubleshoot, even with the manual!

BTW, the Sept 18th Electronic Design has a design idea circuit that's very similar to the Tek design, but modernized and simplified. Quite a coincidence!

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