Looking for help with a Tektronix DG2030 Data Generator


Hi Group,

I searched the archive and there have been no messages for this instrument.

I have a Sony Tektronix DG2030 data generator that does not complete the startup sequence.

The sequence is:

The fan starts

Copyright Sony/Tektronix Corp., 1997,1998

Powerup Diagnostics

appears on the screen

Then the following appear on the screen, each over-writing the previous message.



FrontPanel ( The LEDs on the front panel flash sequentially)

Sequence Memory..

Pattern Memory..

Checking Disk (The disk drive operates if a disk is inserted)

Checking Options..
No Options

The screen then flash 'Wait'

Then the following appears on the screen

| MODE Repeat UPDATE Manual PLL On |
| |

This where the sequence stops.
The instrument does not respond to key presses.

The serial number of the unit is J310101

I suspect that this is the original firmware.

Does anybody have the firmware for this unit?

I believe that version 3.00 was released as a field upgrade. The upgrade was two 44 pin plcc EPROMs that were swapped on the A6 CPU Board.

I have looked at the boards under a microscope. There is no evidence of capacitor leakage or broken traces.

Any ideas?

Thank you for any help.



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