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Hi group,

Does anybody have information on the CRT adjustments located on the 672-1402-05 display board found in the color versions of the TDS scopes?

I know about the pots that are accessible from the holes in front of the fan.

Front of the scope

Contrast: R404

Brightness: R403

Vertical Position: R402

Trace rotation: R401

Horiz Position: R400



I am interested in the pots that can only be accessed if the board is out of the unit.

I found these by reading the archive:

HV adjust: R58

????: R80

????: R82

Horiz Size: R172

????: R178

+21V adjust: R186

Vertical Size: R270

?????: R342

????: R376

Thank you for any help with this.


As they apply to a TDS544A:

Screen: R80
Center Focus: R82
Vertical Focus: R178
Horizontal Freq: R342
Vertical Linearity: R376
Horizontal Focus: L240


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