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Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hello Stuart,

Welcome to this group of Tek scope fans!

The type 570 Tube Curver Tracer is probably the most desired of early Tek
scopes. This also makes is rare and expensive. Tek only made about a
thousand of them and most of the remaining ones are in the hands of "glass
audio" enthusiests who value them very highly. Pristine ones are worth
about $3000 USD in the Far East, as I understand it. You would be very
lucky to find one at any price . . . I have one in my collection, but I was
lucky to find it in an estate sale in a barn about 30 miles from my home
near the orignal Tek plant. Mine is a proto-type and was built before
regular production on them started. I got it for $40 USD, as I recall it.

You might find the web page dedicated to early Tek scopes at
<> to be of interest to you. There is a list of
people who can supply manuals or copies of manuals there for Tek
instruments. I sell some manuals myself on eBay so you might want to check
that out too.

I have a rather huge collection of old Tek stuff (665 instruments) and I
might be able to help you solve some of your 545B/CA problems if you
describe them to me. You will need manuals for each of those instruments
and it would help if you had them first so we can have a common ground for
discussing the circuitry.


Stuart Hellier wrote:

I have been looking for other fans of vintage tektronix stuff for
ages! I have an old 545b unit with ca dual trace plug in module, but
I have a few problems with it & have not been able to find a service

I am a sound engineer from the U.K & no one seems to know much about
old tek gear (including tektronix U.K)! So if any of you guys could
lead me to any technical data or service manuals, it would be most

I checked out the SND tube sales site the other day & discovered that
Tektronix used to make a valve curve tracer (the 570). I do quite a
lot of work on old valve equipment, (usually fixing guitar amps for
friends) & it would be great to test the valves I have to see how
well they match. Many amps that come in have an assortment of valves
where one has been replaced when it has finally expired instead of a
new matched set being fitted.

Thanks to stefan for the T & M museum, theres some useful &
interesting stuff in there, & I enjoyed looking through the exhibits.

Bye for now, I shall log on again soon!

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