Re: TLS216 LOGIC SCOPE Noisy waveforms at >2Msps



Thank you very much !!

After running the SPC, which takes 16 minutes, that is one minute per channel ;-), the noise has gone.

I don't know how I would found this information without a group like this!!

Sincere Regards,


--- In, "NikiG" <> wrote:

Hello, just make SPC call.

Best regards.

Hi Group,

I have a TLS216 which generally works.

When I set the timebase so the sampling rate is 2Msps or less the waveforms from the front panel calibrate are reasonably clean.

At timebase settings where the sampling rate is >2Msps the waveforms are very noisy. There is a step change in behaviour at this setting.

This happens on all channels.

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