Re: 2465B DC Balance/Parametric measurement problem

Bob Koller <testtech@...>

The Parametric measurements use the U500. You will need to recal the entire scope if it is to work completely correctly. 
Jim, contact me off list regarding the cal if you want it done. I have all the equipment.

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Well, I prefer not to run the DC Balance routine as it will probably upset all the constants it currently has. I did, however, run some of the parametric measurements and they exhibit the same failure mode as on the original (bad) scope. That's what led me to feel the U500 wasn't working correctly. Then I went and ran the DC Balance on the bad scope with the good U500 and that worked. So the bad U500 will work okay as long as you don't run the DC Balance or any of the parametric measurements, which is saying these two features use common circuitry in the U500.


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> Hi Jim,
> What happens if you put the suspect U500 in the known good scope and run the DC balance procedure?
> Patrick Wong AK6C
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> > I take back what I said about the suspect U500 (red-in-the-face). I now think it's bad. With the known good U500 installed in the bad scope, I ran the DC balance procedure. It worked and the scope's reference line remains put through all the Volt/Div scales for both channels, parametric measurements now works, and the Trigger voltage reads correctly. Works like a charm. I'm sure it could use a complete cal, but it looks good as is. I'm going to order a U500 and install it in the bad scope. I'll return the good U500 to the good scope.
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