Re: Need help with 561A

Denton, Adam (Exchange)

Re the 561 HV transformer breakdown, I did successfully wind a
replacement -- see my message

It is not too bad. The thing is, I would insist that you re-wind
a 'former that has the pri and sec adjacent to each other -- side-by-
side, with full plastic in between. I actually rewound 2
transformers -- the first was concentric (and is actually the one I'm
talking about in post 4310) but it lasted only 2 weeks before the HV
punched through internally.

So I made a new one, but used a side-by-side unit and used 2 layers
of electrical tape. It has lasted several months without any problem.

Some hints:
1) it's ok to leave some of the E's and I's out -- it's impossible to
get them all back in ;-)
2) since these scopes are not models of efficiency (my heating bills
decline whenever I use one ;-), there's no need to worry about the
windings getting too far from the core because of layers of
electrical tape.

To do the whole 'former actually didn't take more than a couple of
hours. Add to that additional time to fashion and drill your scope
to mount the new 'former.

This problem is extremely common btw. Good luck.

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