What is the bezel finish made of?


I have a 7633, made in Holland sometime after 1985 (the date on a PROM in the
instrument) where the grey coating on the front and rear bezel castings is
coming off. Underneath appears to be clean anodized aluminum. The same
finish is on the entire casting (both outside and under the side covers for
instance) so I don't think this was something that a person might have added

Anyone know what the material is Tek coated their bezel castings with? Is
there a known fix (substitute finish) one can apply now? Was there a fix in
the service centers for something like this?

I recollect in the factory when I worked on 491 spectrum analyzers, the
bezels were covered in masking tape until the instrument shipped, because if
the bezel finish got damaged, the only solution was to disassemble the
instrument and replace the bezel. That memory is probably trying to tell me

I recently refurbished a 465B, where the bezel finish was in pretty bad
shape. In that case, I carefully sanded the bezel coating and then polished
the metal with aluminum/chrome polish. This sounds weird, but the final
result is actually pretty stunning, though hardly "stock". I'm not quite
sure I'm up to trying that on the 7633, but I can't go back and I don't think
I can leave it as is.

Thanks in advance for any guidance here.


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