Re: 7704a repair adventure

pe1fbo <sh331182@...>

Hi there,

I would try the BFR90, BFR91 or the BFR96. It is probable part of an
differential amp, so the 'otherside' of the amp is best fitted with
the same type.

If you want to have an plastic TO92, you can take the 2N3563, it has
an Ft of 800 MHz, and will do the job I think.

alternatives are MPS911, MPS571, MPS901, ( Motorola )

Fred de Vries

--- In, "Craig Sawyers" <c.sawyers@t...>
here are the characteristics:
151-0269-00 - Small signal high speed FMT5092

ft min: 1 GHz @ 5 V/10 mA (Vce/Ic)
hfe: min 30/max 300 @ 10 V/20 mA (Vce/Ic)
Breakdown voltages: Vceo: 15 V, Vcbo: 30 V, Vebo: 4 V
Icbo: 10 nA
Ccb: 1.5 pf
Vce sat: 150 mV/20 mA
Ic max: 80 mA
Case: TO-92
I've just had a browse around, and anything of that spec in a TO92
is *very* difficult to find! There is plenty of stuff in surface
mount, and
in those little pill-like packages with three or four leads
sticking out
radially - but getting that BW out of a discrete TO92 package is
difficult; it is clearly a very small device, with low Vceo of
only 15V and
Ccb of only 1.5pF (presumably including leads).

Try some of the Agilent stuff.


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