Re: 7704a repair adventure

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

here are the characteristics:
151-0269-00 - Small signal high speed FMT5092

ft min: 1 GHz @ 5 V/10 mA (Vce/Ic)
hfe: min 30/max 300 @ 10 V/20 mA (Vce/Ic)
Breakdown voltages: Vceo: 15 V, Vcbo: 30 V, Vebo: 4 V
Icbo: 10 nA
Ccb: 1.5 pf
Vce sat: 150 mV/20 mA
Ic max: 80 mA
Case: TO-92
I've just had a browse around, and anything of that spec in a TO92 package
is *very* difficult to find! There is plenty of stuff in surface mount, and
in those little pill-like packages with three or four leads sticking out
radially - but getting that BW out of a discrete TO92 package is very
difficult; it is clearly a very small device, with low Vceo of only 15V and
Ccb of only 1.5pF (presumably including leads).

Try some of the Agilent stuff.


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