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Hi all,

The right bay is also useful for triggering. I think that the only
plug-in different to a vertical amplifier made by Tek for the 11K
series was the 11T5H, a multistandard video trigger plug-in, that I
suppose that would work equally well on any of the three bays.

And it is true... the 8 channels that two 11A34 provide are more than
enough for most applications.


Javier, EA1CRB

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Hello Tim,

You are right , the right bay is only connected to the horizontal
part of the 11302A and can be used for the X of XY with a vertical
amplifier . I suppose this is the only use of the right bay ,
indeed no horizontal timebases exist in the 11000 series

May be Tek planned the use of sampling plug-in or others which
where never produced ...

With left and center bay filled up with 11A34 you already have
eight channels which is more than the small screen can bare ...

Erik ,

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