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Ryan Scott

Thanks David.  I knew CCD meant charge coupled device, but was not aware that they were used for memory elements.  You learn something new everyday.  I'm off to find a service manual for the scope.
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CCD stands for Charge Coupled Device. In this case it acts like a
digital FIFO (first in first out) but for analog signals.

In your oscilloscope, the input signal goes through the coupling,
attenuator, and amplifier circuits, splits off into the trigger
circuits, goes through the peak detectors and CCD drivers, and into
the CCDs which in total capture an acquisition record of about 1000
points at a maximum sample rate of 250 MSamples/sec. After the
acquisition, the contents stored in the CCDs are read out slowly into
the A/D converter and stored into memory.

Any of the service manuals for the oscilloscopes in the 2430A series
have a detailed theory section discussion how everything works.

On Tue, 1 May 2012 17:25:50 -0700 (PDT), Ryan Scott
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>Dumb Question:

>Can someone tell me what a CCD is (I have a tek 2430 that has failures).  I've tried google and looked at the manual, the only reference I can find is in the diag section.

>Is the CCD the front end for the scope?

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>I have brand new 165-2074-04 CCD's. Contact me off list if you are interested.
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>Anyone have a spare CCD for a 2430 scope,Tektronix part # 165-2074-00?

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