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Thanks for ALL the input, everyone!!!

Someone wants to hire me for so-so money to go totally go through a
large recording console and tube tape recorders located in a very small room in a home... Hardly enough room even to open a tool case, but I noticed some open space in a equipment rack... For a scope?
Testing everything from microphones, to tube power supplies...

Let's see what turns up... Input always welcome!!!

TekScopes and the people here are the GREATEST!!!!!

Keep 'em flying!!!!

Steve K

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He searchs tube-base scope with XY-support.

My proposal:
536 with W or D-Plugin, but only in benchtop
561 with 2x hi-gain Amlifier-Plugin, rack-561 = R561.

best regard from germany

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Here's a possibility.
I have a complete RM564 with 3A6 and 3B3 in unknown condition. I got it free 2 years ago except for the cost of gas (I gave my son $15 to drive me). I got it from Doug Hale when I visiting not too far from where he lives. Right now it's another project among many, so you can have it for my cost plus shipping (It's heavy) if you are interested, contact me offline at:

I live near Sacramento, CA,


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I am looking for a Tek RM-503 or other rack mounted audio scope...

In working, (or close to) complete condition... I need something with X-Y input, high/low sensitivity tube input for HV and low level testing of audio signals and HV power supplies, and rack mounted to fit into small space... OK, or better cosmetics are fine...

Any orphans out there that need a good home? Anything taking up too much space? I need to put one to work soon... What'ya got?

I will gladly pay all costs, and make it easy as possible...

Please contact me off forum...

Thanks for your consideration!!!!

Happy Spring!!!

Steve K LA,CA

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